finally, some new goodies!

I haven't had the extra cash, or time really, for shopping.
but in the past two weeks, with PCE and extra 30% at the outlet..
Coach has been nice to me. :biggrin:

with PCE, i got the kristin pleated satchel in op art black!
i absolutely love it. people seem to have mixed feelings on it,
but it's become my fave black bag! Comfy, easily dressed up or down,
and cute..what else is there?


today though, DBF and I went down to the outlets to use the 30%.
that's where I really lucked out!

i was skeptical at first, but the more i thought about it,
the more i HAD to get the blue smoke kristin! the color is
really gorgeous in person, and although i normally hate brass
hardware, i think it looks nice with this color.
so happy with my new stuff!

and of course, i had to get the boyfriend something for
making it through finals week with his GPA intact. lol. :P



Jun 23, 2008
Haven't seen a Kristin I don't like and yours are no exception. Great that you were able to get the matching set in the blue hobo; and to me, that's the most comfortable bag to wear.

Cool watch for the BF too, that's very sweet of you.


purse fickle
Feb 21, 2010
I love Kristin! It's my favorite line right now. Congrats on your goodies! Sooo jealous of your blue smoke Kristin! It's beautiful!

CCfor C

Mar 22, 2007
Congratulations on it all..esp the blue smoke hobo...of course, I'm biased because I got on as well and went back to get a price adjustment on it so it was well worth it. I love everything about this bag. The color is awesome and the slouch wonderful. Because it's not too wide, it molds really well to your body and is very comfortable to carry, plus it only has ONE short shoulder strap instead of 2, a plus since one of the 2 usually slips of my shoulder! The long strap is beautiful as well. Love the satchel, too. I like op art if it's dark colors...enjoy!


Jun 18, 2010
Congratulations on that haul! I love all those Kristin bags, especially the Pleated Satchel. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Also liking the Poppy Accordion Zip. Great choice!

Congratulations again and enjoy.

p.s. nice gift to your dbf :smile: