Finally some diamond studs, please advice

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  1. Hello ladies,

    so a am finally getting some studs. My boyfriend wanted to give me a bag but i think i will enjoy some bling more.

    I ordered a pair of 0,50 ctw studs before on blue nile but i returned them because they were a bit small for me even though i like small studs.

    My budget is around €1200 including tax (19% here!) and i want to order from blue nile. Depending on the specs i can get anything from 0,6ctw and 0,8 tcw (ideal cuts)

    the pair i ordered before was a 0,5ctw G color vs2, ideal cut set in yellow gold. I love yellow gold but the G color still looked faint yellow to me (maybe because of the gold) and because i can't see if a stone is eye clean i went to VS2. What are the size differences between 0,5 0,6 0,7 and 0,8 tcw. Is it worth it to go for less quality and bigger or not?

    TIA :biggrin:
  2. I would go for a lesser clarity and up the color and size to a .7 cttw.
  3. That seemed an attractive option to me too! The sale rep told me the yellow gold will yellow the stone and he advised met j color for yellow gold and higher for white gold. Is it a waste to put a high color grade stone in yellow gold?
  4. I think you should set the stones in white gold or platinum. The yellow does not enhance the color of the stone, IMHO.
  5. I agree, slide down on clarity, I wouldn't change the color personally. True G's won't look "yellow" at all, especially looking at it already mounted. I'd go for SI1 clarity, keep the ideal, keep the G and get whatever metal color YOU like. I prefer white personally.
  6. Well i want to go for diamonds but it gets more complicated. My mom has a pair of diamond vintage studs that used to be my grand mothers. I will graduate in january and she wants to give them to me. She feels a bit insulted that i wanted another pair. I have enough bracelets and necklaces so that leaves me a ring and i'm not sure if i want to go there.
  7. I have two pairs of diamond studs: Vintage studs from the 1920's and Diamond Studs my parents bought for me. I think as long as the pairs look a little different, then you are fine.
  8. I agree with Swanky and studs are G SI1 Leo cut. If you set the studs in a martini setting they will look modern, and as AS said, a very different look.
    BTW, I just love AS's vintage earrings...stunning!
  9. Thanks, Skyqueen!
  10. I am a yellow gold lady myself (everything I own is yellow gold except for my e-ring from Tiffany's whose prongs are platinum and the ring is yellow gold) and my everyday diamond studs are in a yellow gold bezel setting. But, I have been putting a lot of thought into getting a set of bigger of studs and I have noticed that the diamonds look bigger with platinum/ white gold instead of yellow gold because the platinum/ white gold just kind-of blends and gets lost with the diamonds and while the yellow gold surrounds it and kind-of accentuates and says "the diamond stops HERE." So, I personally am thinking of getting my new studs in either platinum/ white gold prongs or completely in platinum/ white gold. I hope that makes sense :smile: But, this is just my opinion and with all that being said you should get what you want. I just wanted to give you my input from a fellow yellow gold lover.
  11. That sounds great! So how much of a size difference do these have?

    My moms pair is about 1ct total in white gold. I am not sure about color but they have a warmth to them so i think J and the cut can't be ideal. I am thinking of going for something between ,65 and ,75 total in D,E,F,G/ VS or SI1 in ideal cut in yellow gold. I think a ring is amazing aswell but i want to save that for marriage and i can't think of other jewelry that i want. I really don't want to piss off my mom LOL.
  12. i know what you are talking about and i agree. I just love the white diamond in combination with the yellow of the gold
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    These are my 20's studs-

    Mr regular studs are 70 points total weight.

    These are actually the same weight as my regular studs.
  14. Even if your grandmother's studs have a more basic-stud setting, the shine of the stones is different. I think that older jewelry has such a unique sparkle, that it would not be at all odd to have 2 pairs of studs. How big are your grandmother's studs?
  15. Those are so pretty and original! My moms are about 1 carat total. The measure about 5mm each but i measured with a regular ruler. The stones used to be in a ring and she had them set in a 4 prong basket just this year. To me they shine like an average/ wel cut stone and i read the bigger facets make them look more yellow then ideal cut stones. They look like J color and must be atleast 70 years old