Finally some colour!

  1. I did a couple of teeny purchases, needed some colour to spicen things up since my H colours seem to be; blue, white, black, blue, blue and blue.

    I take it you all agree that the sight of the boxes is half the thrill?
  2. Your guess is right Nola! Open 'em up!
  3. A 90cm silk scarf?

    Could the smaller box be a scarf ring?

    :woohoo: Come on, open them up!
  4. Bought this lovely Kelly Double Tour to accompany my black/pal.hw one. This cutie´s colour is cyclamen and her hw a lovely gold.

    With the bracelet is a STUNNING scarf Feux du Ciel, this colourway is my absolute favorite.


  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Nola! :tup:
  6. Come on, come on, "the thrill is gone", looking for the next one, any jungle love...?
  7. Here is the scarf in her full glory. Really something quite magnificent about this one:love: Maybe this one will bring us a baby?:p

  8. LOVELY!

    What a burst of "spring"!

    I can't wait for action pictures! :yes:
  9. Action shot action shots!!!!!
  10. Very beautiful indeed, love those colours, they will be great for spring and summer. They will suit you perfectly!
  11. Woweeeee!! :tup::okay::wlae::yahoo:
  12. what a beautiful scarf!!
  13. Congratulations Nola. Gorgeous colours!!! So pretty.
    Love the double tour.
  14. Great scarf Nola, action shots please! Pretty please!
  15. I will I will but it´s almost eleven pm here and I´m in my pyjamas. With a facemask. With some cider in me, hence a little puffy. So not today:lol:

    Thanks all:love: