Finally some COLOR in my collection!! (PICS!!)

  1. It has been so grey and gloomy here in the san francisco bay for the past two days, but when I got these two beauties, they sure BRIGHTENED MY DAY! Introducing my very first multicolor pieces...the White Multicolor Trouville and White Multicolor Wapity!:yahoo:

    I have been wanting the wapity for ages and finally I got one, I was just waiting for the right time and place. I fell in love with the trouville when I tried it on at the store and I knew she had to be my first multicolor bag! I got both of these babies on eBay at excellent prices, I saved myself almost $1000 dollars total, yippy!:woohoo: Best part is...they are both practically brand new and still have the fresh out of the store smell...hehe.

    btw, I saved up for these beauties for about a year and I consider them my christmas presents to last major LV purchase was in November 2006...whew, that was a long wait! finally some color to my collection!

  2. Love it!! Congrats. I am in the bay area too and it sure is gloomy. I've also been contemplating mc for summer.
  3. Aww... you waited a year? I am sure you really appreciate and love the items now. Congratulations... you will enjoy them both I am sure. They are GORGEOUS!
  4. oh my.. look at that color combination. its tdf!!! Love the bag and wapity though, i've been wanting a mc trouvile for a long time and by the time i was about to get one, it was sold out here in Vancouver so i settled with my priscilla. congrats!
  5. I love the color combo :drool: Lucky you :nuts:
  6. I wish wish wish that I had your restraint. I spend way too much money on bags, and sometimes the more you get the less sentimental value they have. Anyway off of soapbox, and congrats on your beautiful bags.
  7. OMG!!!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
  8. LOVE IT !!! the Trouville is TDF !! they look hot together
  9. Congrats...they're so pretty! I love the Trouville :drool:
  10. beautiful combo!
  11. Niiiice additions! I like the color combo on the Wapity.

  12. Great choices ! Congrats !
  13. Sooooo pretty!! Congrats!! I hope you enjoy using them after waiting for so long!!
  14. The colour combination on your trouville is super pretty!!!!

    Congrats on your two new purchases! I want them too! :girlsigh:
  15. Great colours on them! White MC is so perfect for spring/summer! Congrats on showing such restraint!