FINALLY! Some COLOR in my collection...kind of

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  1. My mogano city finally arrived from Barneys!! :yahoo:Lemme tell ya, it was SUCH a pain to find the bag and then place an order by phone, and it took me FOUR DAYS of calling 3 different Barneys to get tracking info. Considering Barney's is a high end department store, they really don't place a priority on customer service. BUT, it's all good now! My bbag collection is no longer limited to black! I looove this deep brown with red undertones, and although it's not a bright pop of color, at least it's a color besides black! :p
    IMG_1328.JPG IMG_1324.JPG IMG_1351.JPG IMG_1376.JPG IMG_1379.JPG
  2. Gorgeous!!! I just love Mogano!
    That really sucks that Barney's isn't great at customer service. :cursing:
  3. whOoo Hoo:huh: another Mogano owner... lOOks great on yah & CoNgrats~!:tup:
  4. I love that your first non black bbag is brown because that's exactly how I am. Rich browns are always a good choice. :love:
  5. Wow. the Mogano is gorgeous. Congrats on your first non-black BBag!
  6. It's so lovely! Congratulations!
  7. GORGEOUS!!! I love browns and yours is just beautiful. Congratulations.:tup:
  8. Thank you for everyone's super nice comments!! You're the best! :tender:
  9. Wow! That is one gorgeous bag! :drool::drool::drool: The leather looks amazing! Enjoy her!
  10. Congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  11. so pretty! congrats on finding this baby. enjoy her!
  12. Absolutely perfect! :okay: :tup:
    Mogano is my favorite brown! Congrats on your new beauty! :yahoo:

  13. Beautiful brown.

    I, like you, struggle with colour in bags, even brown, so I've gone for steel (I have one mid-grey bag already that I love using). But I'm also interested in some colour, just can't decide quite yet what it will be. I'm thinking lighter sienna, even rouille. Or perhaps a green ...

    Please let us know how the transition to something other than black is going for you, ie., how often you choose the mogano ahead of black, what you wear it with etc. ... I need help to take the plunge.
  14. Yummy!!!:drool:
  15. don't you just love mogano? welcome to the mogano club! :wlae:congrats!

    drati > some people say it's sacrilegious not to own any bright colours from bal. i agree but bal also does great classic colours like sienna and the older 05/06 browns. and colours like black and white are timeless. i was actually considering a black for my next bbag cos i'd missed a few boats with sienna and 07 blues. my 1st bbag is a white city. light colours are hellish to maintain but hey i don't own a white bag so what the heck. how about telling us what's the domineering colour in your wardrobe? are you the type who prefers the shoes to match with the bags?