Finally Some answers

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  1. I just got off the phone with my SA and officer has hit the Bal stores. Just very limited.....There will be no steps made for the spring season. And GGH will be VERY limited buys and only in certain colors and styles. She said very very limited.... Finally answers
  2. Ooh interested to see pics of Officier...
  3. ^^^Me too!
  4. i was at the BAL NY store just ONE hour ago and cynthia was helping me. i got something there!!! (will start a reveal thread soon!) she told me that GGH for SS09 will come in BLACK, FRAMBOISE, OFFICIER, PRALINE, and BLEU LAYETTE. as for styles and sizes, i didn't ask. i was really hoping that they would order the 09 anthra GGH !!! it's ALMOST like the 07 GGH but instead of green undertones, this one had blue underones! i saw the city RH and the leather and color are both GORGY ! can't believe that they didn't order it :tdown:
  5. ^^ I can't wait to see pics!!!! :nuts:
  6. Good to know, but it's terrible that they're not coming out with all the colors. Even though I'm not a fan of GH, I'd rather they were limited in every color than just some. It would make more sense that way. Sigh.
  7. Great news that its out already!! Thanks! :yahoo:
  8. GREAT news on the GGH!!! I cannot wait to see Officier!!!
  9. so there will be some ggh! that's great news!
  10. WOW, GGH AND OFFICIER! WHAT A YUMMY COMBO!:nuts::faint::heart:
  11. Can't wait to see!
  12. what a great news !!! So is that mean GGH will only be available in Bal boutiques?
  13. I would contact your SA's at the stores and see if you could get on the waitlist. She did mention that she thought mandarin was coming with GGH