Finally, she's home.....

  1. And what a day it was!!!!! But first, here she is......:love:
  2. Cogrates!!!!WOW:heart: :heart: :heart:So BEAUTIFUL:love: :flowers: Love it!
  3. WoW!!! beautiful color!!
  4. I want your Kelly so badly! I saw the same one in 25cm Kelly. It was gorgeous, but I passed it since I have 25cm Kelly already. What size is yours? If I remeber correctly, it is 28cm? Oh my... it is breath taking bag!
  5. I've been refreshing the forum for the whole day waiting for this!! it was worth it! Sooo beautiful. Congrats!
  6. Wow! The suspense was killing us! She's gorgeous.
  7. Well, of course her color is off. Truly she looks just like a caramel candy! I've gotta figure out how to color-correct on my camera...or just take a better shot in the right light!!!! Now, THAT might be an idea!:blink:

    She's a 28cm Caramel Chevre de Coromadel Sellier (although I can't see it) with white stitching. :heart:

    I'll post a few more pics later...I'm pooped! BTW, Madame had a pretty interesting day too. Fondled and stroked and lord knows what else....:oh:
  8. wow, the more I look at it the more I love it, I think I'm going to have to add this one to the list!! I love you shopmom, I'm living through you :smile:
  9. OMG! That is beyond beautiful! I am seriously drooling over here! I WANT THAT BAG! It is gorgeous! Enjoy her!!!
  10. OMG! She's gorgeous! I couldn't wait to get home to check tPF for your post! CONGRATS!!! :yahoo: I am looking forward to more eye candy :biggrin:
  11. shopmom I love your new kelly. :heart:
    You are so lucky to own 2 beautiful but very different Kelly bags! Congratulations on your purchase!

    It is so what I'd love to own one day!!
    Do you know how the caramel color is different from the Hermes Gold color? I'd like either but can't seem to tell the different much by pictures alone/
  12. Yeah!!! she's a beauty - what a lovely collection you have - enjoy her!!
  13. She is so pretty!! Congratulations!!!
  14. Congrats, Shopmom! What a gorgeous Kelly! The color is looks so rich! Enjoy!
  15. Ok, so this morning I did my best to look presentable, no easy task after only 2-hours of sleep (don't ask....suffice to say I've got a teen and that should explain it) and off I went to Hermes with Madame in hand and a fat checkbook. Feeling all the world like, Man after last night, I DESERVE this bag! there was my SA waiting on someone else which took forever and I got to browse and check things out. Thankfully though since I was in a Kelly-buying-mood nothing else was flipping my switch. But while I was waiting a nice looking man in a dark blue suit walks up to me and starts touching Madame Kelly. Stroking her leather and asking all sorts of very personal questions and making interesting comments. How old is she? Where is her strap? Ooooh, look at her Box. Thankfully, my SA rescued us and later I found out this was another SA....

    Anyway, once the finances were taken care of and my checkbook was emptied out (with no fan-fare may I add....none of the bells and whistles that LaVan gets to experience....oh no....just, Enjoy your new bag with a shake of the hand.....:oh: ) I decided to leave my new baby there and take myself out to lunch which started with a Bloody Mary and ended with a HUGE fat piece of chocolate cake and a cappuccino. I had an hour to go before meeting up with Heather (and her sweet husband, Chris) and Janet back at Hermes. So, of course I had to pop into Neimans and check out the sales but thankfully nothing called to me and finally it was time to meet the girls.

    And we had a blast at Hermes! I think we made so much commotion and looked at every scarf and twilly and piece of jewelery they had that by the time we left, I'm sure every SA was ready to call it a day! :yes: :yes: :yes:

    So, all in all, it was a very memorable and happy afternoon which I got to share with some new friends....and the Princess is home lording it over the rest of the gang. I can tell she's going to be very, very spoiled.:rolleyes:

    Thank you everyone for helping me make the decision to buy guys really are the greatist!!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: