Finally! She's arrived, and I still don't believe it!

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    DD with sneaky thoughts in her mind.. :supacool:
    P1020905.jpg P1020902-1.jpg
  2. I've said this so many times londondolly but I have to say it again, your DD is cuteness personified!!! :cutesy:Keep the pics coming and thanks for sharing!! :flowers:
  3. Your DD is super super adorable..
  4. Your DD is a little fashionista! She is SO cute!
  5. HelloKitty08, fufu, kashmira: It's a pleasure to share, and we're having fun at the same time! :graucho:
  6. [​IMG]That's the cutest ever !! you are a very lucky mom ~~
  7. Londondolly congrats!!
  8. boo1689, luxurylife88: thanks so much! It's always fun sharing pics of DD on TPF!