Finally!!!! Sharpey flap & Reissue 227...^^

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  1. Ok,, this is the first time I'm starting the thread on the bag (with excited).

    I've been bad for 2 months since I switched (from LV) to Chanel. And this month..I bought 2 bags already..the Sharpey flap and Reissue 227.

    For Shapey flap, I'd like to thanks Larkie & Jill for your guys are so sweet & helpful :tup:. After I saw Larkie's DS Sharpey flap, I decided to get one. I called 800 and asked about the, a few hours later Michiko from CC Hawaii store called me back and said there's none left.:sad: But, she said there's one left in San Fran store but in back, so I called. Deborah called back 10 mins later saying there's only one left in the US..which I decided to get it, of course.


    I got it on Thrusday...totally :love:.


    For the reissue 227.. In 2 weeks, I made many many many phone calls to stores across US (Canada & Hawaii, as well).. but I'd been told that none left in the US (based on their system). I called small stores like Jeffery, Hirschleifer's, Maxfield ..but no luck :sweatdrop: (I was able to find some in other size as 225,226 or 228, but not the 227) even though, I didn't have specific color in mind.

    Lucky me, my friend said there's a boutique that carry Chanel in her town which I might want to call. I called in 2 mins, and they happened to have Reissue 227!!!!! OMG... :nuts: I couldn't believe the moment I heard that. I asked and re-asked the style number over and over..and decided to get it in that minute!

    Today, I got it..... she's really pretty and beautiful!! Oh! I couldn't believe myself that I could possibly lay my hands on one.


    A bit strip tease....:graucho:
  2. congrats, I am totally in love with the sharpey flap right now!
  3. Did I say that I paid only $ 2,375 (+shipping) for this bag? :rolleyes:

  4. Pls upload a pic with the bags next to each other so we can double the indulgence! They're both gorgeous bags!!
  5. Here she is.....

    Miss! :rolleyes:

  6. And the pics inside...


  7. Two gorgeous bags! Lucky girl!
  8. wow! gorgeous bags! you are one lucky girl for finding the reissue! congrats!
  9. Congrats!!! Love the Sharpei and "miss Gold". Enjoy them in good health!
  10. wow! both gorgeous! congrats! love the reissue esp! I love reissues!
  11. I second AA- reissues are the BEST! Congrats!!!!!
  12. absolutely stunning choices:drool:...wear them in the best of health! :flowers:congrats!
  13. congrats on your new bags! Miss Goldie is TDF!loooove it !:love:
    Will you post some mod pics please?I'd love to see them on:yes: !
  14. Oooooo...look at the leather on that Sharpey!!! GORGEOUS!!! And great find with the gold reissue!!! Congrats and enjoy them!!! :yahoo:
  15. Well... you have been busy:graucho::tup:, Congrats on your gorgeous bags!!!