Finally sharing my JOY... (my small but growing) B-bag family!

  1. Here are pictures of my B-bag LUVS!!! Thanks for letting me share

    I started this collection when I found this forum...before that I'd never even HEARD of Balenciaga..... so I'm a "newbie"... but I LUV LUV LUV:heart: what I've gotten so far!!!

    My GH Aqua Part-time


    Coordinating Aqua Money Wallet

    Cafe GH DAY

    my two make-ups (pale rose & white)
  2. The photos aren't showing, but the collections sounds gorgeous! I can't wait to see the pics!
  3. UH OH.... they show for me... anyone else can't see?? Did I "mess up"??!!
  4. I see them! Gorgeous collection. I have a soft spot for Aqua, it's such a pretty inviting blue.
  5. I can't see the pics either, but I love to see those gorgeous sounding bags!
  6. Uh Oh.... technically challenged middle aged mom here :rolleyes:(no teenagers home at the moment)!
    I'll try this again!!

    Aqua GH Part-Time

    Coordinating Aqua money wallet

    Cafe GH Day

    Make-up (pale rose & white)
  7. very nice collection!
  8. What a Gorgeous collection you have!!!
    I :heart: your GH Aqua part-time and the money wallet!
  9. Nice... Awesome diverse collection... love the Cafe GH :yes:
  10. Thank You!!

    now that I figured out how to download pics... just gotta figure out sizing!

    I LOVE the B-bag bright colors... but also have a "conservative"
    neutral side of me... so my collection will probably stay an
    "eclectic" variety!

    Christie: it's a fun beginning collection!!
    Bluebe: (the aqua is what started my collection (couldn't resist the color!!)
    oogiewoogie: (the Cafe is such a GREAT neutral.. works with black or browns)
  11. Superb collection Jbug59!! :tup: aww at the 2 make-ups. They are so cute! i just love them :p
  12. Very nice, JBug! Gosh, and you haven't wasted any time building up your collection!
  13. Thanks sweetcakes... a girl can never have TOO many accessories imo :yes:

    LeenyLou .... let's just hope DH doesn't catch on to my "collection building"!
    NOT so great on the bank account....but OH soo fun!!
  14. Corgeous collection JBug! I love the makeup's as accessories too, they're so cute and useable!
  15. Those are the same two bags I'm expecting next week!