Finally saw the bbags IRL

  1. Hi all,
    So yesterday I went to Chicago and to Barneys...and convinced my hubby to let me buy a bbag. I was soooo excited to get a twiggy.
    I went into Barneys and they had a cornflower twiggy, a pink one, and a purpley (lilac) color that I liked. I was trying them on for hubby, and also trying on the other sizes to see which I liked best.
    Then I sat down and actually started inspecting the bag (I was leaning toward the cornflower twiggy)...and the leather was sooooooooo veiny and when I held it in my hands and rubbed the leather it was actually kind of crackly (I know that's not a word...but can't think of anything else to describe it)...kind of like paper.
    My husband didn't like it very much.....I guess he's a LV guy. And I wasn't sure myself...and for that kind of money I decided to forgo it at this time (ended up buying a couple LVs instead....couldn't leave Chicago emptyhanded).
    I've heard you ladies say that this year's leather is not good compared to other years....and that the fall leather might be better. I think I'm going to wait for fall. Do you think I made a good decision?
  2. Yes, I totally agree with your decision ! Me too, I've made the same experience like you when I saw and felt the 2006 leathers. I think that we all hope that leathers in 2007 will be similar again like the 2004 collections. :yes:
  3. Actually the leathers have been hit and miss. I usually purchase from Bal NY but purchased a bag from Barneys Chicago last month and the leather is stunning. This bag was downstairs in the stockroom so it hadn't been handled a great deal. No crackly spots here. :biggrin: I've also found that the leather on all of my bbags changes over time - the bags I expect to be not so great have all turned out FAB. But you should of course only buy what you are comfortable with.
  4. The 06 leather will break in with use. The veins are disappearing so are the cracks. I conditioned my 2 06 bags and they are now very soft and squishy and they look more like the older leathers. It's just a question of time. No one really knows for sure if the fall leather is going to be nay better than now. So I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'll anyway buy a grenat purse or twiggy no matter what kind of leather they use. The good thing with the new leather is that it's much harder to fake.
  5. I actually appreciate the different leathers Balenciaga has. I think they are all beautiful in their own rights.

    My 2004 are soft, thick & squishy.
    My 2005 are thick & buttery.
    But my 2006 are like silk!

    I think it is awesome to have such variety! I love to pet the different leathers, LOL.......and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    Also, it must be kept in mind that you certainly cannot judge 2006 leathers right away. They haven't been around long enough to know what they will end up like. Many PFers have found that it is definitely getting better with age :smile:
  6. hey ya
    i'm glad that you left Chicago with 2 new LV pieces! hehehe! and i think you made the right choice... if you're not comfortable with the leather of the b-bags at the moment then totally don't get one (i cant believe i just typed that :shocked: ) i think you should always be totally in LOVE with all the bag you own! fingerscrossed that the next season of b-bag colours and leathers with tickle your taste buds!!!
  7. I only have one B Bag - a 2003 black city with thick, buttery leather - and hated what I saw in Barneys earlier this month. So not worth the price.

    I never use my City but it is so nice to know that it is going to hold most of its value when I'm ready to list it. I don't think Balenciaga will ever bring this leather back again.
  8. Thanks all....for that kind of money, I had to fall in love...and I just couldn't.....hopefully the fall leather will be better. I loved the style of the the trip wasn't wasted because I needed to determine which size I wanted. Plus I was already debating whether to wait for fall I'll make another trip back in about 3 months (hopefully they'll be out by then)...and hopefully come home with one then!