Finally saw a Dolce "live" and in person

  1. I'm glad I did not buy one sight unseen.

    I love the bag itself, the size is great. Love that it just has the one compartment. I *always* open the wrong compartment of two compartment bag when I'm looking for something!

    HATE the strap. Not that it's too short, I didn't mind that, but it's so flimsy compared to all the other Toki Bag straps. It's only about 3/4 - 1 inch wide and has none of the hardware or leather on it.

    The bag itself is not that much smaller than the Bella or the Bambinone but they have real sturdy nice straps.

    My guess is the Dolce was designed to be either a bag that is used on it's own, or a bag that goes into another bag... in which case you would not want a lot of strap hanging off it. But I'd have rather if it just had a removable strap than that flimsy little thing they put on it.

    JMO of course....
  2. Well, now I'm wondering if I should forget my dolce preorder of Amore? Doesn't sound like a good option. I love the wide straps and leather too. I just got my caramella yesterday and I'm wondering about using it. It's kind of large! It would have to go into a REALLY LARGE PURSE/Tote!
  3. personally I didn't like the dolce at first but it grew on me. The strap works for me but then again I have issues with wider straps on my shoulder. this is one of the few shoulder bags that I use that doesnt just slide off.

    But again that's just me (and I think maybe my shoulders are weird :p) lol
  4. Its a great little bag to carry around in the summer or when ur having a night out. Think of it as ur lil evening bag! Its really nice and for the 70 price tag, its super cheap!
  5. It is so cute.
  6. I was wrong in one thing I said..the Dolce DOES have hardware and leather on the strap, just not quite like the "big" bags....
  7. I thought it was $80? At least mine was before discounts
  8. you know, it is funny, I am the opposite of you, I LOVE the thin strap on the dolce, and I wish the other bags had thinner straps!!! I find the thick ones slide off my shoulder all the time. and I like the single strap thing, cuz most of the bigger bags have two straps.

    ANYhoo... just funny to me that one of the things I love most about my dolce, you hate!! haha... guess it is good they have different styles for everyone... :p
  9. yeah i think i would like the dolce strap..the strap on the gioco is big and like some members say it falls off in occasions :p...but i rather opt for messenger type like the ciao so you dont have to worry about straps falling off :biggrin:
  10. though i wonder..what fits more? a dolce or a bambino? anybody know? i dont have either...
  11. vmasterz - about the same. dolce a little more, maybe.
  12. i have yet to use my original dolce because i bought it thinking that i really didn't carry much, but i guess i do. it fits more than the bambino, but i don't think the strap is long enough, unless you like purses sitting in your armpit, ya know, that way of carrying it. i'd like it more, if the strap had a little more length.
  13. hmm...maybe ill get the dolce then..anybody know where to find a foresta dolce?? besides eBay?? :biggrin:
  14. unfortunately its hard finding a foresta anywhere nowadays :sad: