FINALLY SAVED UP FOR THREE SUHALIS... which three do I get? YES! 3!!

  1. I finally have saved up for three DREAM bags! I think(?) I want both Le Fab's and one of the others... Here are the choices:

    White Le Fabuleux
    Blue Le Fabuleux
    Geranium L'Epanoui
    Plum Le Talentueux

    Does anyone have modeling pics too?
    I am SOOOOO excited :smile:
  2. Oooh, 3 Suhalis??? Oh my! I vote for the White Le Fab, the Geranium L'Epanoui, and Plum Le Tal. You'll have different styles of Suhali bags in different colors. Fabulous! Great job in saving your money! You'll have to show us your loot when you get them!!
  3. OH and I do have a White Le Talentueux already.

    I just love the white and blue colors
    ... maybe I should just get all 4?
  4. Plum Le TAl
  5. Exciting!

    Plum Le Tal
    White Le Fab
    Germanium L'E
  6. White Le Fabuleux
    Geranium L'Epanoui
    Plum Le Talentueux

  7. let me first say, congrats on saving up for 3 suhalis!!! i dont' think i have that kind of restraint LOL. anywho, i would pick:

    white le fab
    plum le tal
    geranium l'epanoui
  8. wow that's great ... 3 suhali's, yay! I'd pick:

    -white le fab
    -plum le tal
    -blue le fab

    you don't like the Lockit's?
  9. Congrats! I'll suggest

    - Plum Le Talentueux
    - White Le Fabuleux
    - and Geranium L'Epanoui

    Keep us updated with pictures!
  10. congrats!
    I think you should get them all except the blue le fableux, i m not to fond of it
  11. I'd pick these too! :tup:
  12. I agree .... the suhali lockit is a GREAT bag:yes:
  13. ITA!!
  14. White le Fab
    Plum le Tal
    Geranium l'epanoui

    What about the lockits? :drool:
  15. I'd get 3 different styles....not sure which. I'm not really into Suhali, but I do like the lockit and the verone color.