Finally.. "Rveal"

  1. I hope to get to see this colour IRL.
  2. Congrats! great color :smile:
  3. thank you :smile:
  4. thanks! :biggrin:
  5. thanx.. ya its better than red >> thank god i got it :graucho:
  6. love it congrats.. i need a box bag very soon i hope!
  7. thanks! :biggrin:.. ya everyone needs one its too gorgous what color and size would you get?
  8. congrats on your new bag.. it's gorgeous!
  9. thnx ;)
  10. i would like the small fluoro yellow or just the grey python one..

    the black / camel is delish but i already have some many black bags and about 3 brown bags.. i need a new color in my life..

  11. i didnt see them IRL.. ya we should have colorful bags
    i own 4 black bags so i decided to get colored ones noiw
  12. i am thinking get a red one box as well, its really nice bag on you, for the price is before tax or after??
  13. Looks very nice on you!!!
  14. For some reason I cannot see any of the pictures but would love to.... :sad: Sounds like a great bag you got yourself there!
  15. She got for herself a very chic Box bag in Khaki! Attaching the photo in this reply so you can see. :upsidedown:
    011.jpg 028.jpg 029.jpg