FINALLY!! Rick Owens Bronze Metallic Leather Jacket!! YAYYY

  1. So happy to finally say this is mine hehe...after a long long time of researching, looking at pics, asking other RO owners about their RO jackets...I'm finally an official Rick Owen's leather jacket owner hehe

    Got it on a super deal on eBay awhile ago too to make it even sweeter, the bronze metallic is GORGEOUS in real life!!

    DSC06252 (Custom).JPG

    DSC06254 (Custom).JPG

    DSC06257 (Custom).JPG

    RO bronze (Custom).jpg

    RO bronze open (Custom).jpg
  2. that jacket is the bizness! good look!
  3. congrats!! it's amazing.
  4. Nice jacket!
  5. great jacket! how was sizing?
  6. wow, thank you for the pictures, I had never seen that color "in real life."

    it's so amazing, such a stand out piece, you're so lucky and I'm so jealous!!
  7. much does it go for?
  8. woot!!! we're bronze RO twins ;) enjoy the jacket!!! the metallic is beautiful :smile:

    one little thing though, the jacket will lose a little bit of metallic flake with wear, especially at places that rubs (e.g. elbow). but IMHO it just adds character ;)
  9. Wow wow wow!!! Drool.....
  10. Beautiful, I love it!!!!
    The color is TDF!!!
  11. What a gorgeous jacket! The colour is amazing. Does Rick Owens leather jackets run true to size?
  12. I love metallics! Congrats on your find:smile:
  13. this is stunner! congrats - its so unique
  14. Yummy!! Love the jacket so much!!!
  15. wow, congrats on a great purchase!

    Amazing jacket!