Finally...reveal of my Milk Paddington and Choc Python Silverado!

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  1. I've had the Milk Paddington since the beginning of Mars, and promised to show some pics of her when I introduced myself to the Chloé subforum earlier this Spring... But wanted to do it together with my second Chloé that i bought from a lovely tpf'er in May: Choc Python Silverado!

    First up - Milk Paddy:
    I love the paddy style, and this is the bag that attracted me to Chloé in the first place. Now the wishlist is steadily growing.. The leather on the Paddy is sooo yummy (even though this is the new model)!!! The colour makes it a great bag for summer, although it is definately nice together with most of my winter jackets too. I'll try to find some nice matching boots this Autumn :smile:

    Here she is (the modelling pics are actually taken in early June..):

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  2. Your milk paddy is very pretty... Thanks for sharing, lillemy!
    I am looking forward to your silverado pics!
  3. After seeing some pics of Python Silverado on here, I fell in love! :love:

    Love this style too, and the python leather makes the bag special. It's stunning, I think!! I love the chocolate colour, and also the slightly difference in colour between the soft buffalo (or is it calf?) leather and the python. I'm very happy I found this beauty!! It looks brand new, either very well treated or very little used.

    Feels great carrying her, and she's so lightweight. I've taken quite a few pics of her, so bear with me:biggrin:

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  4. And some modelling pics...of every way of carrying her:lol:

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  5. Your silverado is so beautiful and looks in perfect condition!
    It really looks good on you, it even shows on your face!
    I am so happy that you took the plunge and got this little gem...
    So, tell us, what's next???
  6. they both are lovely on you- so glad you are happy! :yahoo:
  7. Thank you, Maria and Parson R! And again thanks for your help, Maria, seeing pics of your gorgeous Silverado made the choice easy:smile:

    Well, next might be a Paraty. I've had my eyes on the black lambskin one with the front pocket for a while, but also like the python ... it's just the price issue Also a Paraty with 'normal' leather would be easier to care for and to use in all kinds of weather. When seeing Mona_danya's purple Paraty, I fell hard for that colour too.. but guess it will be hard/impossible to track one down.

    Anyways, I have a couple of Mulberry bags coming this fall (preordered - two HG's)..., so think I'll have to wait a few months, and then see what I can get my hands on.. although if I find the lambskin in either colour it will be hard to not buy it...
  8. Sounds like your perfect third Chloe.
    Have you considered the betty style?. It is my fav!
  9. Both bags look sooo amazing....great choices and paraty would make a perfect 3rd choice.
  10. Both of your bags are beautiful. :smile: You're so cute, they both look wonderful on you.
  11. Thank you, Mona_danya and Melissa! Think they are great classic Chloé bags, and love their style.

    Next purchase should be something a bit different, and the Paraty has absolutely caught my eye - the shape is lovely and it seems roomy and userfriendly with the different straps/handles. Can't get over your reveal of your new purple Paraty, Mona_d - I couldn't think of something else for the next hours:lol:

    Maria, the Betty is nice. I think I like the hobo best, but that's because I think the regular Betty a little similar to my Mulberry Mabel in shape (although small pockets on the Mabel) - try not to copy a style too much. I saw some pics of someone's python Betty on here, and it made me :drool:
  12. Gorgeous bags!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I especially love your silverado. You looks fabulous with your bags!!
  13. Thanks, kbnkch! I'm in love with the silverado at the moment! :biggrin:
  14. both are gorgeous - congrats and thanks for sharing !!!
  15. Milk & chocolate -- yum! I especially love your silverado! Lovely mod shots, too! Congrats!