Finally! Red Gauffre Bag, with Friends!

  1. Ohh Ahh, loved that bag so much, got the black one via Eric in Soho.
  2. THUD!

    "Shopper down in aisle three!"

    (That would be me.)
  3. MORE!!!

    Man, Raffaello Network is rocking the house with these new Gauffres today!!! :supacool:

  4. the cera is the NICEST COLOR EVER!!!!

    I adore mine..such a great neutral!
  5. Wow!!! Great bags!!!
  6. I really love the frame version. It's not that big and I like the clasp and tailored look of it. I thought I might squeeze through spring without another bag major bag purchase, but I might have been wrong! :push:
  7. I really like that Cera Gauffre. :heart: So PP, did you buy it, the red frame Gauffre?
  8. anyone got pics of the frame one in black??? I want this bag so bad!
  9. No need to HA, not since I got my red Coffer. I'm insanely in love with it!! :love:

    But that cera is....:drool:
  10. I LOVE the red frame bag!! I'm going to stop looking at your posts PP, they always get me into trouble.....:graucho:
  11. ^^^So can emails from Koooooooommmmmmmmmmmaaaaaavi! ;)
  12. Gorgeous!!! I wonder if the frame one might be big to carry on the shoulder! It looks so big to be handheld only!
  13. Stopped at Prada today to se these up close and personal. Beautiful! No, you really can't hold the frame bags on the shoulder. I think they are beautiful but would prefer them with a strap, too. I liked the smaller one...
  14. That is one sexy bag! :graucho: Though I must admit I actually like the cera best.