Finally received my pink caviar bowly!!!

  1. Some of you may have read one of my posts about having difficulties purchasing from NM. Well I finally went on eBay and purchased two $500 giftcards from a very nice understanding ebayer who was willing to email me the giftcard digits immediately. And one week later I finally received my bag!!! Here it is!
    IMG_0443.JPG IMG_0445.JPG IMG_0446.JPG
  2. Oh yeah and I forgot ~ I wanted to thank all of you ladies at purse forum for sharing sales and tactics on how to purchase from NM. It helped so much!!!

    Thanks :yes:
  3. congrats on your beautiful pink bowler =)
  4. I love that bag & pics on the PF have me really thinking about it.................Congrats!!
  5. ^^^I know!! It's an amazing bag. I want one now too, and now that it's on sale.....hmmm...
  6. Congrats- love the pink!
  7. How much is it? It's on sale right??
  8. Yup it's on sale Astar ... I believe its $836 + TAX. I actually got a deal on the giftcards for NM on eBay. So I paid only about $800 shipped.
  9. nice !!!
  10. What a lovely bag/color. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  11. lovely!congrats!
  12. So adorable, congrats!! :smile: I have this one, and it's the cutest doctor bag type shape! Enjoy it! :smile:
  13. Enjoy your new bag. It is very pretty.
  14. Congrats! Love the colour - it's very pretty!
  15. Love the pink caviar bowler. Great choice!!!