Finally received my LV Visionaire Toy!

  1. I finally received my LV Visionaire Toy from Karen Kooper, it's soooooooo cute! (by the way, I learned about all the drama behind that site after I bought my item) Whoever runs that site included lots of goodies with my item so I'm happy. Here's some pictures:

    The lot!

    The Toy!

    With the rest of my collection (minus my Keepall 55 which didn't fit in the picture haha)

    I even got a free Marc Jabos Keychain/Bracelet? I'm not sure haha

    I also got a couple of brochures:
  2. YAY it's here! COngrats:yahoo: Looks very cute. LVoe the MJ keychain too!!!! Lucky Lucky!:yes:
  3. I LoVe it! so you are the one that got it I was wondering I LoVe you'r DG messanger...
  4. Congrats!
  5. Cute!
    And the MJ thing is a keychain. :yes:
  6. That toy is adorable!

    You and I have the same MJ keychain.
  7. Very cute...congrats!
  8. Thats so cute! I saw that on KK's site a while ago. I'm glad you got it!!
  9. It's so cute! I love it :biggrin:
  10. Congrats! How cute is that???
  11. how cute, congrats.
  12. i love your cubbie space. so cute!!

  13. How cute!
  14. I love lil models like that.
  15. ahh thats cute! congrats!!