FINALLY rec'd my white gaucho wallet BUT...

  1. is it really supposed to look this beige-ish? (the white paper is there for color comparison.) i love it, but was expecting something brighter in color. it's also super light and the leather is extremely soft, but it has light scratches throughout. the seller stated it was brand new, so i wouldn't have the first clue about it (or err, dior since i'm usually too broke to buy anything :s )

  2. as far as i can see from the photos, that is the right white...white gauchos arent white white, they are offwhite, cream colour more like :yes: ... my white gaucho that has been used a good few months is totally cream there is nothing white about her :smile:
  3. yeah, a dior executive told me that the white was made to look like it fell in a puddle of mud and wiped clean, leaving that dingy dirty color to it. [her words, not mine]
  4. ^lol..thanks ladies. regardless, i still love her. :love:

  5. so its all good - happy for you hun ! :nuts:
  6. Your wallet is the correct color. If you take a photo of it using flash, the color comes out really light, which is why it appears so white in some pictures. The dirtied white is actually done inproperly on all fakes...the fakes simply look too white.

    In darker/poorer room lighting, the white Gaucho looks greyish beige.
  7. yup yup! theyre suppost to have a worn look about them
  8. it's cute, congrats!!