Finally ready to purchase.....but can't decide which

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I need some assistance. I'm looking to buy an everyday bag. I love the kelly but can't see myself wearing it everyday and I think the Birkin might be too big.

    Also, I'm trying to get a style that will go with my two medor in orange and one in yellow.

    What do you think?

    Thanks so much
  2. How about the 30cm Birkin, I don't think that would be too big?
  3. Agree about the 30 Birkin. Also, if you really love a Kelly, consider getting one in a more casual leather (like Clemence or Togo) and casual retourne style. It would look and feel much more "everyday" than a sellier Kelly in box calf.
  4. I think a retourne Kelly in a larger size might be even more 'everyday' for you than a Birkin because you can go hands-free with it? You might want to consider a retourne Kelly in 35-- I tried one on last week and was amazed by how funky and casual it can look.

    Good luck with your choice! :smile:
  5. I have two Kellys - one cocoan sellier in Chevre de Coromandel souple, and one retourne in black box. I have about as casual a lifestyle as one can have. I live in a mid-size city where Coach is a big deal, I'm 66 and don't work, and my daily fall/winter/spring wardrobe is khakis or corduroy jean and a sweater. My daily activities include going to the grocery store, Target, pulmonary rehab and doing homework with my young grandsons - not exactly Madison Ave, eh? I LOVE my Kellys and cannot imagine not having them!

    Right now, I'm at the Apple Store right now -- wearing a pair of black K-Mart jeans, old Ralph Lauren boots, a cashmere turtleneck, and since I also had to go see my mortgage officer today, I'm wearing an Hermes scarf. Oh - I'm carrying my vintage black box Kelly and it looks absolutely "right".
  6. I dont know about Snowie 810, but India you just sold me on a kelly 35. I was leaning in that direction anyway..
  7. I have the absolute antithesis of an everyday workhorse Kelly...a black boxcalf 25cm Kelly. But when it was my only Kelly, I made a point of wearing it whenever I was not at work, which meant it went to the grocery store, pet store, dry cleaners, you name it. I think if you love the Kelly style, you'll make it work as a regular use bag. Just maybe choose a slightly more casual size and leather than mine, which is considered by most to be a formal occasion only bag! :P A larger retourne Kelly in clemence, chevre, togo, fjord, any of the textured leathers in whatever color blends into your wardrobe the best. Since you have orange and yellow Medor belts, I'm assuming you're not too scared of color...big Kellys look really cool in bright pop colors, and maybe get a canvas strap to make it even more comfortable and casual.

    Or go for something like the Evelyne or Bolide, but I think if you love the Kelly, you'll eventually get one anyway, so why not now!
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    This may not be something you may think of as your first purchase, how about a bolide? It has a zipper for 'easy' security, a strap for hands-free, a laid-back bag depending on the leather or a formal bag and can be an everyday bag. The design may not be as attractive as a birkin/kelly; why not give it a try?:yes:
  9. Agree about the 30 Birkin.It is not big at all.
  10. I could not agree more with IFFAH...............;)