finally ready to play with the big boys


Dec 25, 2008
So after purchasing little Chanel items here and there mostly accessories and eyeglasses I have been bitten by the Chanel bug again! ha. Idk what it is, for some reason 3Gs seem reasonable for a purse! Anyhow little by little ive been researching purses and feeling up the Caviar flaps at the Chanel boutiques...ha.
My question, what do you ladies think about used Chanel at consignment stores? Idk from the pics online from stores in the OC, the bags look decent and if I bought used I could get TWO purses instead of one brand new one. I am so confused...I would love the whole boutique experience but two purses seem so appealing!!! :graucho:


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
I'm the kind of person who wants THE bag they want and not bother with the 'also rans'. It wouldn't bother me if it was pre-oved or brand new so long as it was THE ONE.

I don't really see the point of buyng any bag just for the label but if you find one (or two) authentic Chanel bags in a consignment store and you love it (them) then - why not? Though it's a myth that CHANEL bags hold their value forever, bear in mind that a few mods of pre-loved CHANEL bags are as expensive as new.

If you are not buying from CHANEL boutiques or in dept stores I would do a ton of research (if you have not already) and`I would post your bags on authenticate this.

Good luck! :biggrin:


Mar 14, 2009
I have bought several pre-loved Chanels and have been happy with the condition and the price. However, the prices many times are still high. What I mean, if it is in good condition you generally aren't going to find a fairly new bag for 1/2 price.

The best idea is to familiarize yourself with the pre-owned options out there--the consignment websites, the sellers on Ebay. I would never buy from a place that I wasn't well informed about. Then start studying the bags--what the retail was and what the pre-owned bags are selling for. And of course as mentioned before, any bag you are thinking about you need to post on the "authenticate this bag" thread.

The better educated you are, the better your experiences will be! Good luck!