Finally posting pics of my new French Blue Besace!!!

  1. I got this almost two weeks ago, but I was on vacation, so I'm finally posting pics! I got this from Barney's for an awesome deal, thanks to a tip from tPF member don't blow

    I absolutely love it! Check out all the scrumptious leather--even under the messenger flap! The leather is nice and smooth and thick.

    Some thoughts about the bag. I wear the strap on the shortest length, because I'm only 5'4" and I don't like low-riding messenger bags. The strap is actually cow hide leather with a fabric backing to it. I like it because it feels really strong. It holds a ton, but when it's empty, it doesn't look overwhelming. In these pics, I jsut have my MacBook Pro in it. Without the laptop sleeve, it fits perfectly, When i have the laptop in the sleeve, the flap sits a little higher, but it's not really noticeable.

    My only problem with it (and this is minor). Because the flap is so long, it's a little hard to dig into the bag while I'm wearing it. I need to hold the flap open with one hand and reach in with the other. This is really only a problem because I'm so disorganized with my bags and just throw everything in. But I'm trying to get better!



  2. Wow - thats really nice. Super colour.

    Looks good on you too. Congratulations.
  3. What a great find! It's very beautiful!
  4. Love the color Congrats! The bag looks great on you
  5. Gorgeous bag, but that doesn't look like "French Blue"...
  6. Beautiful bag!!! Looks like a gorgeous cornflower to me.
  7. That's big bag and a beautiful color. Congrats!
  8. I think it's Ocean :yes: It has white/ stitching like mine :yahoo:
  9. Congrats!!!! You scored big time...I seriously considered this for my DH or myself when the great deal was posted online by Don't Blow...

    now a bit regretting it after seeing urs! BUT CONGRATS! I am truly happy that another tPFer got a fab deal on a gorgeous bag with TDF leather!

    And also, thanks for sharing the details...It's good to know that a macbook pro fits inside! That's what my DH and I use.... (another reason why one day.... :graucho:)
  10. It's a BEAUTY...congrats!!!
  11. congrats!
  12. It looks good on you. :tup:Congrats.:yahoo:
  13. Thanks for the kind ones everyone! I'm pretty sure it's French Blue. The card says 2007 1. The color didn't come out very well in my pictures, but when I look at the French Blue swatch from the reference section, it looks pretty close.
  14. Marine maybe?

    It looks great on you, enjoy!!
  15. Nice the color! Congrats!