Finally pix of vinyl cabas - please please tell me what you think

  1. I obtained this some weeks ago thanks to Jag :heart:

    I finally got around to posting pix and would like to get some feeback.

    I haven't worn her out yet. I adore this bag so much, but I am not sure if I look right with it. Sometimes you may love a bag but the bag may not love you back, KWIM? Sounds rather loopy but I am not sure how else to put it...

    What do you think? Thank you so much!
    DSC00749.jpg DSC00750.jpg DSC00752.jpg DSC00755.jpg
  2. Wow she looks so yummy and chic and just gorgeous!:heart:
    Congrats on getting such a beautiful bag!
    And I think you looks great with her :smile:
  3. Looks great, I really like the last pic! Congrats!
  4. This is a really sort of brash "statement" bag, so I can imagine it's kind of hard to get used to! Give it some time and play with it/pair it with different things in your wardrobe. It's gorgeous though and certainly makes an "entrance". Congrats on it!
  5. Thanks Glamazon & gwen10 for your kind words!

    OMG Bulletproofsoul, you hit the nail on the head (thank you) - perhaps that's why I haven't taken her out, I always think of myself as more of a reserved personality and this bag is ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION. All my other bags are 'quietly' beautiful? BUt I do love her so!
    DH hates it btw, but that has never stopped me!!LOL!
  6. It looks great on you! This is one of my fav bags of the moment.
  7. Stunning bag, it definitely demands a lot of attention...
  8. Thanks South, I think I just need to take her out for a spin.
    Yes, gglvsshop, she is definitely no wallflower!:smile:
  9. I agree with bulletproofsoul! Definitely play around with some outfits, see what looks best and what outfit makes you feel most comfortable carrying the bag. I think it looks great on you!
  10. Love the cabas ligne. I think you got a beauty there.
  11. This is a bag that you have to feel confident about carrying. You may love it off you, but you have to love it on you too, and wear it with pride. I happen to think it looks great on you!
  12. The bag looks great on you! And you will totally get used to it. I used to have to think about wearing it out, now I just grab it and go. Even my boyfriend has gotten used to it. When I first bought it he told me he would not be seen in public with me if I had it on. lol.
  13. gorgeous bag! where did you get it? i thought they were sold out months ago..
  14. TBH, I've never liked to look of the vinyl cabas, however, I did spot a girl on the train with one the other day and it looked FANTASTIC on her!! I really don't think that photos do this bag enough justice. :smile:

    If you love this bag, girlie, then you should wear it with pride!
  15. You look fab! wish it was me.