Finally pix of my paddy family!!

  1. Here they are

    Bordeaux hobo, ivory and tan satchel!! But stay tuned...the collection is always in flux!!:yahoo:
    paddy family_1.jpg
  2. I'm just getting into the paddington world and would like to ask, of the three, which is your favourite? Does the blanc/cream? get dirty easily?

    I am looking for a east/west zippy paddy myself!

    Btw, GREAT collection and nice choice of colors!!!
  3. Mac, your collection is the BOMB! :heart:

    I adore that grenat hobo, especially next to the ivory satchel :love:
  4. Sooo cute!!!!! I love it all!!!!!!!
  5. I have the tan and blanc paddingtons too and love them to death. I am really wanting a red paddy now.........
  6. You have such an amazing collection! Please post them in the Reference thread too! These are such gorgeous paddies!!!

  7. I just got them within the last couple of months and haven't even worn any yet:P ...

    I think my fav so far is the ivory--love the color and the asthetics of the shape (although I wish it were a smidge bigger --also I am a bit worried about the dirt factor)
    I also love the grenat --color is tdf and shape is very convenience (but I like the look of the satchel better).
  8. Macp6 I'm loving your paddington family - they're all just perfect and they look so happy together there :love: :P Congrats! :flowers:
  9. Macp6, your grenat hobo looks amazing! :love: The color is TDF! Congrats on having such a beautiful Chloe collection! :flowers:
  10. ahhh Mac, you have got to give these babies an outing. They deserve to be seen!!! :biggrin:
  11. Lovely!!
    Thanks for sharing!
  12. Hey Macp6! I love how your tan Paddington "plays dead". It must be from 2005? Mine does the same; it's very squishy and flat when empty. I also have Whiskey and Noir. Though I have to admit they are not getting out much and are very annoyed at the new Chanel additions. I can't even put them in the same room together...
  13. :lol: Yes!! The paddy's get very annoyed when the Chanels and bbags are out playing!!
  14. MAC, your collection rocks! I LOOOOVE the grenat hobo!!
  15. Gorgeous collection macp6! I LOVE your color choices and how beautifully different they are to the next! The ivory looks stunning, and that grenat looks like yummy pomegranite!! :lol: Most light bags don't appeal to me as much as dark bags.. but paddingotn ivory is so classy! :love: