FINALLY pix of my 1st chanel after delivery drama!!!!

Jul 22, 2007
Hi all,

Sorry it took forever for me to post. I said I would, so here she is......absolutely stunning. I had some drama with the delivery from Neiman Marcus. Fed Ex was to obtain a signature because it was an apartment building and they just left it in the mail room. It couldn't be found but strangely enough it was finally delivered to the door. Whatever, it's done. When I did receive it I was so happy.

It is called the soft handle flap. The leather is sooooo soft and it is stunning. I bought Chanel sunnies to match.

Thanks for letting me share :woohoo: WOOHOO



Aug 26, 2006
Hey Jacqui! So glad your bag made it to you! I agree definitely worth the wait, she's beautiful! :love: Enjoy!