Finally, Pictures of Suri Cruise

  1. She's really cute with lots of hair. :P
  2. wow. she is really cute!
  3. Yes, very pretty!
  4. She has an unreasonable amount of hair! My goodness. And those eyes...
  5. That's a striking baby! She looks like the both of them IMO:yes:
  6. she's cute.
  7. Holy cow that's a lot of hair!
  8. I'll be the oddball here and say I don't think she's that cute. I don't really see either Tom nor Katie in her. .....she does have a LOT of hair :yes:
  9. she looks really cute! better than shiloh!!?
  10. she has alot of her and OMG she has like a hugh resemblance to TOM but she has katie's eyes.
  11. Holy, that hair!

  12. Very cute baby, to bad her dad is a whacko!
  13. holy hair! I think shiloh is cuter LOL
  14. I concur. I wonder if he'll normalize with parenthood.... but I doubt it.
  15. holy moly! what a hair! She's cute!