Finally... Pictures of my treasures!!!

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  1. The hamptons satchel and capacity wristlet are my latest purchases. The others were all gifts from my fiance! he is the best!:wlae:

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  2. Ahh, they are so cute and you are a lucky girl to have such a nice fiance!:tup:
  3. They all sure look good and your fiance is so sweet to buy you those things!
  4. Aww what a sweet fiancee! That plummy/purpley color is soooooooo pretty!
  5. What a nice fiance! Mine would just roll his eyes, haha. Enjoy!
  6. Love all your goodies! Congrats!
  7. oh how sweet, enjoy :smile:
  8. I love that capacity wristlet!
  9. I love all of your goodies! Congrats!
  10. What a gorgeous collection!!! I especially love the carryall and that purple bag!!! Thanks for sharing it w/ us!
  11. that satchel is gorgeous
  12. What a sweet fiance you have! I love your hamptons, congrats!
  13. Nice! Got to love the purple.
  14. congrats on the lovely purchases! i love the capacity wristlet..:drool:
  15. I love how you got the matching wallets! your fiance seems to sweet, and those are perfect additions to your collection!