Finally pictures of my speedy collection!! **PICS**

  1. I actually have an 11th speedy, but it's not allowed in the house! :sad: I bought it off of eBay and it STINKS like smoke, my daughter is highly allergic to smoke, so it's sitting in it's dust bag in the box it was mailed to me in in the garage! It's a black MC Speedy....hoping to replace it with one from LV soon. Still waiting to hear from Paypal....I filed a claim!

    Anyway, here they all are! :yahoo: They just make me happy! LOL Sorry for the bad pics...need a new camera!
    Left to right:
    Epi 30 (black)
    Mono 35
    Mini Lin
    Damier 30
    Azur 30
    Dentelle (silver)
    Mono 30
    MC (white)
    Mini HL
  2. Fa-bo-li-ci-ous!!!
  3. I:heart: them all!! Speedy is by far my fav LV:love: Which speedy is your favorite?? I wouldn't even know which one to use, if I had all those. I have 3 speedies and I have a hard time deciding which one to carry. Right now I'm in :heart: with my Mini Lin.:smile:
  4. Woah! You are the speedy :queen:

    Speedy is my favorite too!
  5. :drool: I love them all. I love speedies! I hope to have as many as possible! LoL. My husband thinks I'm crazy for having the same model in different styles but he says it's okay as long as I'm happy with them. He may not understand it but he still loves me.

    I'm really lovin' your white MC. Perfect for spring and summer. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to have to get one reeeeaaallll soon. I do have one question about it, though. Is it heavy? When I see pictures of Jessica Simpson carrying hers it looks sorta heavy.
  6. Wow! What a Speedy collection! :biggrin:
  7. Great collection.
  8. OMG beautiful:love:
  9. What a marvellous collection:heart: .
  10. Gorgeous speedies!
  11. your nickname should be "speedy". :p love the entire collection and i hope the black mc situation works out for you and that you'll get a brand new one.
  12. Wow great collection.
  13. great speedy collection!!
  14. You have an amazing collection - Thanks for sharing!
  15. Beautiful collection!! I love looking at them all!