Finally, pictures of my new white flap

  1. Here you go, girls, I know you were waiting for these to come! I love it!!:yahoo:
    Picture 185.jpg Picture 186.jpg Picture 187.jpg Picture 188.jpg Picture 189.jpg
  2. Oh, Double it's SOOOOO luscious! beautiful.....congratulations!
  3. Just beautiful! I love white Chanel bags! Congrats!
  4. You are so lucky. It is simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
  5. gorgeous!
  6. omg that's an amazing bag
  7. Can we see a picture of the inside?

  8. So pretty. I want a Chanel bag so badly.
  9. That is gorgeous!!!!! I'm not usually a Chanel fan but I :heart: that bag:yes:
  10. Oh my, that is one gorgeous Chanel :love:
  11. That's so pretty DoubleC. You make me miss my large off-white flap bag.:sad:
  12. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your new baby!
  13. Here's the inside pictures, and a better pic of the logo!
    Picture 190.jpg Picture 191.jpg
  14. So pristine and beautiful!
  15. So classy! Looks beautiful, congrats!!