finally pictures of my gucci duchessa hobo

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    i finally figured out how to post pics on this site using our new imac. whew! here's my latest gucci purchase after months of sticking to lv.
    this bag is amazingly roomy! super low maintenance, too. love it!

  2. oops...sorry. wonder why i have multiple pics. still getting the hang of this mac thing.
  3. need modeling pic.........and very cute, that one is alot smaller than the large I tried please post a pic of you wearing it for reference. thanks!
  4. aww its so cute! i love it! does look rather small though..
  5. oh, that's very cute. but what are those white spots? are they from the flash?

    is that a different material or the same canvas?

    congrats again! :tup:
  6. yes, it's just from the flash. it's monogram canvas but it's laminated to waterproof it (i guess?). i love it. it may look small but i can actually put a lot of things in it.
  7. okay, i thought that. the material looks different but great. waterproof is awesome! :tup:
  8. oh, and will there be other models that are waterproof? the european pages still aren't updated...
  9. makeupmama luv especially the bow on the side and i can tell it will be easier to look after especially with the shiny material. congrats
  10. the bow is what made my 6-year old daughter choose it for me. she always goes with me when i look for bags and she loves girly touches like bows and flowers. :yes:
  11. that bag is just so lovely :drool:

    please adopt me so i can borrow your bag...
  12. :roflmfao:

    So cute! Congrats!
  13. its so cute!!!! ahhhh i cant wait for my mom to visit me so i can get one too!!! hehehe! the more i see it the more i love the gucci crystal line!

  14. Yeah on the US site they have these and they are so gorgy!
    'duchessa' small Boston bag $850
    'duchessa' medium Boston bag $1190
    181485_FT01G_9643.jpg 181488_FT01G_9643.jpg
  15. Super cute bag! I love the bow on the side. Congrats! Can you post modeling pictures too? Is this the medium size?