Finally, pictures of my Carly

  1. SO I got my Carly on Monday BUT I have had just sooo much drama lately that I haven't had a chance to post pics (my freshman year roommate's current roommate beat her up and the university didnt do diddley squat to keep her safe and long story short my old roomie moved in with me on Monday and I've been getting her adjusted...)

    But here are pics of my Large Carly with Gold...its my school bag and it can fit a TON (in these pics it has a 5 subject note book, folder with about 40 pages of stuff, plastic pen case with 7 pens and 3 highlighters, mini skinny, wristlet for makeup, slim envelope wallet, PDA, can of slim fast, 540pg book, iPod, keys, sunglasses, and gum)

    Sorry some of the pics are a bit blurry.

  2. That looks so adorable on you and I love the gold coloring and your pig charm!
  3. Looks great on you! Love the pig charm.
  4. I love it!
  5. i got the pig because my dog oinks and snorts a lot....thanks for the compliments
  6. the gold accent is definately my's beautiful
  7. that's so nice!!
  8. Congrats on your new Carly!
    It looks huge.
  9. yay! someone else with the carly for school!

    LOVE the gold- it looks fab on you!!!
  10. love it!!! and you wear it well!:yes:
  11. love it congrats
  12. it took me sooo long to decide on the right bag for school and to me this was perfect. i felt that if i got the signature stripe i would be 'settling' for something and not totally love it. if the gallery tote was taller i wouldve gone for that, but the carly just screamed 'take me to class'
  13. exact same with me! i would have settling getting the stripe tote and the gallery tote wasn't tall enough!
  14. That is so purty! Yay for you :biggrin:
  15. It's a beautiful bag & you look good carrying it! Congrats & Enjoy:biggrin: