finally! pictures of my bordeaux zc and mix quilted tote!

  1. i would've posted these much sooner, say, a month ago if:

    a) i wasn't so lazy.
    b) could properly operate my digital camera.
    c) the sunlight would finally filter into my boyfriend's terribly lit apartment (no sun today, but i've discovered it doesn't make much of a difference anyway).

    will post more once i figure out this stupid camera, which may be never. anyone know how to take modeling pictures with a mirror, so that the flash doesn't obscure everything?
    mj mix quilted.jpg mj zc bordeaux.jpg
  2. Very nice! I especially like the tote!
  3. I absolutely love both, such good taste!!
  4. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!!!:tup:
  5. finally is right! LOVE those both kim! :biggrin:
  6. OOoh lovely!!! Congrats!!
  7. LOL at your excuses for not posting pics sooner!! :lol: It was worth the wait though to see them. They're both gorgeous! Congrats!!
  8. Beautiful Bags!
  9. so pretty! bordeaux is a gorgeous colour.
  10. Whoa! My Bordeaux ZC looks nothing like yours! Yours looks brighter, more cherry-ish (in a good way) Did your camera "pervert" the pictures (I remembered you said that before :smile:)

    Anyhoo, my ZC is a deep burgundy; i that how it should be?
  11. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Your Bordeaux ZC is a gorgeous color, and I love the mixed quilted tote. It looks so much better than the stock photos. It looks so soft! Love them both!
  13. BEAUTIFUL! I love the ZC! I'm so tempted to get one...
  14. I love them both, especially the colors and the bag looks so soft. Great taste!
  15. you're right. the problem is my camera not your zc, so don't worry. :smile: the bordeaux zc is darker than what's shown on the photo.

    thanks for the compliments everyone! you guys are so sweet. :heart: