Finally pictures of my blake

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I just love looking at her!
    mj blake1.JPG mj blake2.JPG
  2. ^ Very beautiful. Drool~
    Congrats Clu. =)
  3. Gorgeous bag, isn't the quality and workmanship amazing?! :drool: Marc Jacobs bags maybe on the heavy side but, his bags are outstanding!:love:
  4. Pretty! Enjoy it!
  5. So pretty!
  6. Love that shade of pink. Enjoy your bag, it's beautiful!
  7. I love the color!
  8. Very nice. Love the color:drool:
  9. Pretty in Pink!!:love: Congrats!! I would stare admiringly at her too!!
  10. I can't blame you for looking at her, she's a darling! Love it!
  11. LOVE IT! congrats,great color!:heart: :smile:
  12. thank you everyone! i just wish it would stop raining so i could take her out for a spin! (i'm such a dork)
  13. The more I look at your pictures, the more I love this Blake. So jealous!!!
    My bag goes inside plastic bags whenever it rains... =)
  14. Love it! I've been drawn to pink bags all summer. Bluefly has had a couple of other MJ bag in pink for around half off. I'm on a self-imposed spending ban for a while until I pay off my new Stam though, so I'll just drool at your Blake instead.;)
  15. Congrats on your new Blake! What a pretty color! Enjoy it!
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