FINALLY--Pictures Of My Bags!!!

  1. I've been working in the yard, so I'm not dressed up at all (and no makeup), but I figured out how to get things to upload from my Apple so thought I'd share.

    I took these with my iphone after a triple latte so some are a little fuzzy. I will get a friend to take some pictures of me holding the bags in better light & post on the Modeling your BBags thread.

    I'm including the Marni shoes that I really love to rock with my Weekenders.

    The close up of the Violet is pretty true color.

    I included some of me holding the bags even though they are a little fuzzy, just so that if anyone wants a brief she could get an idea of size. (I'm 5'6 and 115--have on 2 pairs of long johns under the jeans and I'm wearing 2 shirts).
    06WE in Box.jpg Holding 06WE.jpg Holding 06WE Arm.jpg Juane Box.jpg Juane DR.jpg
  2. More:
    Juane Empty.jpg Violet on Bed.jpg Violet Close up.jpg Violet DR.jpg Violet HB 02.jpg
  3. A few more:
    WE Steel DR.jpg Marni.jpg
  4. Amazing! I LOVE ur camel weekender especially but ur whole collection is TDF! What about ur steel we? Steel and violet are my two fave bal colors of 07!
    U really ROCK the weekender and brief styles! Love them on u! And a pale magenta WE to come?! WOWSERS!
  5. I love all of your bags, especially the briefs!
  6. I am not exactly sure what color the Camel WE is . . . I found it at Barney's a couple of months ago and the tassels were already separated--Which I LOVE because to me all those strips hanging are so super-sexy. I think it is '06???

    The Steel WE is what I've been carrying daily--because I'm currently spending a lot of time in my Client's office and the dark color is safer around men and their highlighters and blue pens:cursing: I'm hoping for tassel separation soon on this bag too!

    The Juane is very grown up and looks fabulous with a pin stripe suit.

    I absolutely LOVE the Violet! It is hard to tell from the pictures (with me in my snow clothes and all) but it is SUPER Rock & Roll.

    Thanks for all the sweet things you said:idea:
  7. Your shoes and Steel WE are gorgeous :drool::drool::drool:. You rock the WE.:tup:
  8. You have a gorgeous collection!!!!
  9. gorgeous collection!
  10. love your weekenders! lovely collection.
  11. I love your steel weekender. It's got such a great slouch to it!
  12. I agree you totally rock that weekender - I don't think everyone can, but you do! :rochard:
    Also love those shoes - hot! Thanks for posting!
  13. :wtf::nuts::drool: Back to drool over ur steel we! STEEL/plomb is so gorgeous in real life and wow, you have the king/queen of steels w/all that yummy leather!
  14. your bags are gorgeous and they look great on you!! Thanks for sharing!!
  15. CUTE SHOES!!! nice loot.. they ALL look fabulous on you! :nuts:

    Modeling pics of the shoes...;)