Finally! Pictures Of Gaucho!


Fellow "Passionista"
Nov 20, 2005
It's WORKING ! I will do this fast. I may not be able to again soon! I will post my new LV stuff when I take pics today later... I hope it works. Maybe it is a weather's sunny today! I am off to the BEACH!


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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! at laaaaaaaaaaast!!:lol:
CoNgRaaaaaa:biggrin: aaaaaaaaa:biggrin: aaaaaaaaaa:biggrin: aaaaTs!!

its beautiful!!:love: wish you had stuffed it with things though!! i bet it'll look wounderful!! :amuse:

it was worth the wait!! :smile:
BTW your outfit rocks and what a cool beach in the background:biggrin:
I Love It!!!!!!congrats. It's The Single Right? Its The One I Am On The Waiting List For. I Was So Upset. Had One At Dior, But Hesitated. Went Back In The Afternoon And It Was Gone :sad:
Now I Will Have To Wait.