Finally, Picture time for my newest additions!!

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  1. I finally received my coveted Malibu Street and Red Epi Jasmin that I've been posting about since forever, and thought I would share some pics!! I've also included the Mono Mini Lucille PM that Laurence's collegue, Jun, helped me with!! :yahoo: I haven't taken the plastic off the Malibu because I'm paranoid.. I :heart: it!!! Please excuse the messy room.. I don't know how to use Photoshop!!
    DSC09425small.jpg DSC09421small.jpg DSC09439small.jpg DSC09422small.jpg DSC09428small copy.jpg
  2. Beautiful bags!!! CONGRATS!! They look awesome on you! I also love the perle but I am too paranoid to have one. Let me know how yours holds up!
  3. Nice : )
  4. :nuts: They are all GORGEOUS :love: !!!!! And so are you! Love the Lucille, looks great on you.Thanks for sharing.:flowers: ;)
  5. BeeeeUtiFul! Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous bags! Gongratulations!!
  7. The Red Epi Jasmin looks like a big Jolly Rancher... :drool:

  8. Thank you!! The Malibu is actually my first Vernis item, so I'm actually really really paranoid about setting it down on ANYTHING!! If you look at the pic, I have it sitting on a pillow!! I'll take it out soon, but it was purchased primarily for my gf's wedding on 11/26. I'll let you know if anything happens to it though!!

    Thank you for the sweet compliment. :shame:

    LOL!!! :lol:

    And Thank You everyone for dropping by!! :flowers:
  9. They are all so cute! Love the Malibu street and red epi Jasmine, they are so stylish!
  10. u wont realise how much i actually love the malibu street@!!!!!!! i want one too!!! its soooooooooooooooooooo drop-dead gorgeous. i'll give up brad pitt for this one. lol
  11. Very Cute!
  12. 0o0o0o0 YUMMY!!! Super YUMMY!!!

    :yahoo: CONGRATS kookielf124 :yahoo:
    thanks for sharing pics!!! :wlae:
  13. Congrats, beautiful bags! The Malibu street is super cute and the jasmin looks awsome on you!
  14. Ahh that vernis is absoultely gorgeous! I wouldn't mind hearing about how it holds up with everyday wear?
  15. I love the malibu!! and the red jasmine is just hott!! congrats!!!:flowers: :love:
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