Finally Picture 2.55 new 2007 No more dreaming.

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  1. Hello my pf friends.

    Finally the new 2.55 will be here soon enough November 1 worldwide.

    I love the color and I hope this new 2.55 will doing good specially for
    our holidays coming.

    Bonus! picture of Central Station collections, This is another cool new
    collections that great price point $795 to $1150

    Enjoy Shopping!:wlae:
    2.55 & Central station.JPG 2.55 & Central station2.JPG
  2. Tip :Click on pic to see larger
  3. oooh gorgeous!!!!!!!

    thanks for posting GIA...
  4. OMG is that silver??? where's the blue??? someone get the blue reissue pix soon pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. thanks for that a regular silver or dark silver???
  6. regular silver, for blue color I think imo look like blue truck, this time is true blue.
  7. Thanks so much for the great pics!
  8. thanks for sharing,
  9. im drooooooooling over the mat golden .. wooow

    thaaaaank u dear

  10. :wtf: :wtf: there gonna be Blue Re issues?
  11. Those are lovely!
  12. Thanks for sharing, GIAGIAJA! :smile:
  13. Thank you for the pictures!!!
  14. it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing these photos :smile:
  15. that central station LG tote looks big enough to put all my textbooks in and such a great price if its fully functinal/...