1. I have finally gotten these pics loaded, thanks to Sum :yahoo:!!! Hope you like them! They are of my medium Veneta in ebano, my zip-around wallet, also in ebano, my coin purse/wallet in almature (the exclusive color for Hawaii), and my Knot in brass karung. My bracelet is also shown. YAY!!!!
    PF BV Pics 001.jpg PF BV Pics 002.jpg PF BV Pics 003.jpg PF BV Pics 004.jpg PF BV Pics 005.jpg
  2. cOngrats... love all your new g:huh:dies!! I'm swooning over the colors of the brass knot & Almature wallet.:love: cOngrats!
  3. What an awesome collection!

  4. YAY, pictures! What a great assortment of items. The ebano color is so rich and warm. Perfect for year round use. Now you need to take the Knot for a spin. :graucho:
  5. jburgh, don't worry, my Knot has been out and about plenty! She went to every holiday party and out to dinner numerous times! Got tons of compliments too! I love my Knot!!!
  6. Wow - the almature colour is beautiful. Is that the special colour that they had Venetas in?
  7. Thanks so much for the pic, Olympia. Love the color... Is the price of veneta the same as reg color or cost more like ottone?
  8. Gorgeous pics Olympia, Thank you so much for posting so that we can see the elusive almature colour. All your goodies are simply TDF and the knot in that beautiful muted brass makes the perfect evening bag. I love the bracelet on you too, so classy. Many Congrats!!!
  9. YAY, that was worth the wait! I love the bracelet.
  10. A beautiful collection! I love the almature color. Are there also handbags in that color? The bracelet is lovely. Does it have a hinged clasp or does it slide on and off?
  11. aw thanks olympia, what a treat for today!! that almature color is so stunning, what a find :woohoo:

    and that knot clutch... :love:... there are words to describe how beautiful I think those are... :love:

    and the drape of your veneta looks just lovely, so nice and squishy.
  12. WOW that almature color is amazing.

    congrats on your awesome purchases!
  13. What a wonderful BV wardrobe - stunning pieces! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Yay Olympia, you did it!! Thank you sooo much for sharing such a cohesive collection, I love how each piece complements each other!! No wonder you are lusting for the pink ottone pouch, it would look perfect!!

    Gosh, is there any way to get almature items here on the mainland?!?
  15. What an amazing collection!! I agree that each piece complements the others. How do you like the zip-around wallet? I have one in nero on the way and I think it is going to be great so hope you have found that with yours.

    And the almature really is a lovely colour in pictures and I bet even better IRL. Gee, a Montaigne in almature would be really, really nice!! I wish Canada would get an exclusive BV colour... no, wait, we would have to actually get a BV boutique first - I'm getting ahead of myself!