Finally! Pics/prices of LAX, Modern Chain, Walk of Fame

  1. I have been DYING to see the Cruise LAX line in one had sizes of the bags, no one knew the colors etc. I saw my first LAX bag last week at NM and today, finally, a bunch came into Saks! To save everyone some research (since I have been obsessed with this for the past month!) here is what I've found, if you're interested in this part of the LAX line...

    The bags I've been concerned about are the lambskin leather ones that read "CHANEL" in silver letters across a square stitched bag. There is a large, hard handled tote (pic here - kind of like the Cerf), a large tote (comparable to GST size - no pic but looks EXACTLY like the small tote pictured here, except larger!), the medium tote (E/W looking one) and the small tote (shown here in red and black.) There is also a small shoulder bag in this line, also pictured here. Saks is NOT carrying the large tote (which is my favorite!) but NM can get it in black. I don't even think the Chanel boutiques are getting the large tote except for Beverly Hills.

    The prices are:
    Hard Handled tote - $3145?
    Large Tote - $2795
    Medium E/W Tote - $2650
    Small Tote - $2350

    Size wise - I am 5'10" and the small and medium Tote's are way too small on my frame. The large tote is AWESOME looking on me!!!

    The bags come in Black, Navy Blue, White and Red. The colors are beautiful. The blue is more a deep rich blue, than a navy. The red is a nice red, the white a "creamy" ivory white. Not all stores have all the bags in all the colors!!! ARGH! What else is new?!

    The bags are ever-so-lightweight. They really feel like "air". The chains wind through the ends of the bag and end up in one leather strap. The sides can pull out a bit, so it's "tote" looking or they can fold in, as shown here. I absolutely love this line! Hope the pics help others to fall in love too!

    Saks already has the ones pictured here in stock. Call Lisa at 813-371-5100 or email her if you are interested in any of them.

    Here come the pics (arm courtesy of Handbag-Ho!!!)

    Here are large (stiff handled) bag and medium tote.
    lax_lgtote_3145.jpg lax_medtote_blue1_2650.jpg lax_medtote_blue2_2650.jpg lax_medtote_ivory_2650.jpg
  2. The small tote - also available in large - but not at Saks.
    lax_smtote_black1_2350.jpg lax_smtote_black2_2350.jpg lax_smtote_black3_2350.jpg lax_smtote_red1_2350.jpg lax_smtote_red2_2350.jpg
  3. The small bag...
    lax_small_black.jpg lax_small_red.jpg
  4. This is an AWESOME Modern Chain bag. I'm not a big fan of these usually but it is lightweight, comfy and looks good on any size frame from 5 feet to 6 feet tall!

    Price $2250

    These are the large Walk of Fame bags...Saks also has the small Walk of Fame flaps as well. Didn't get the price.

    Enjoy! If interested call Lisa Beck at Saks Tampa - 813-371-5100 -
    mod_chain01.jpg mod_chain02.jpg walk_of_fame_large_black.jpg walk_of_fame_large_red.jpg
  5. [​IMG]







    Thanks for posting these.....i have a similar bag for the 2nd pic, mine is considered the vintage season.:love:
  6. [​IMG]

    One more the red shade. If only it comes in classic caviar flap with silver h/w....i definitely will snap it now:graucho::graucho:
  7. Thanks for posting the pics. I love the large stiff handled bag ... that would be great for work!
  8. [​IMG]




    Let's enlarge these, more pictures:flowers:

    Thanks for posting them:love:
  9. That E/W bag looks similar to another Chanel...these are new for Cruise 08. This is the lightest leather I have ever felt....awesome!!!
  10. Weren't they having trouble with the chain on the Modern Chain? Did they change anything on about? Thanks for sharing/posting the pictures.
  11. yeah...i love that style and mine was the navy blue, the lambskin is so soft and delicate and i only paid for USD495 on eBay.....*LOL*
  12. I believe they "recalled" the old modern chains. This is the "new" modern chain! It's made of resin...feels plasticy though. The bag is seriously awesome on though!!! It's amazing that it looks good on you no matter what size "Frame" you are!
  13. You S**K, Celia!!!:tup::tup:

    You get such great deals!!!
  14. *LOL*

    U won't believe it, i was the only person who bidded that and won the auction. I'm surprised no bidders for it, i guess it was really by luck:graucho::graucho:

    Here is the picture (similar style), furthermore it's like NEW (sorry to post my pic here):

  15. Thank you!!!