FINALLY! Pics of todays arrivals

  1. Which scarf do you like better on it? The blue is really stunning IRL.

    I tied them super quick so they're not perfect but I can work on that. Also....I am not so sure that the MM isn't too big for me. It's find with the sides cinched, but I like the look of it just open. I'll have to check out others pictures of the PM to see if I should exchange.

    oh yeah.....I'm also hating the saggy arms in the picture modeling it...LOL! :tdown:
    DSC02004.JPG DSC02006.JPG DSC02008.JPG
  2. Your arms look fine LOL

    I prefer the blue scarf but personally am not one for tying scarves on mono bags, sorry :smile:
  3. Congrats! I have to say that the blue shantung IMO is the best bandeau LV has ever put out.
  4. I love the scarves! I have yet to get one. The blue, esp. IMO is so vibrant! Just lovely!
  5. I love the blue too but I'm not sure about the yellow. I may decide to return that one or keep it and sell it later or something like that.
  6. Both are nice but I like the blue better.
  7. I like both, to be the oddball, I would probably prefer the yellow one a bit more though. It brings out the yellowish gold print of the monogram.
  8. I like the blue one!! Great purchases!!
  9. from the photos, the blue really stands out but i bet the yellow looks gorgeous with the monogram irl

    ita babydoll
  10. Stunning blue!
  11. ITA. Congrats and your arm looks fine.:biggrin:
  12. i like both too! yellow is more springy..and blue is more for fall/winter IMO. but both looks great!!
  13. I like the blue Hibiscus scarf more.

    Congrats on the new bag!!! :biggrin:
  14. I love the blue hibiscus bandeau more than the yellow personally, but both are gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. I love the blue one! Great modeling picture too!!