*FINALLY* PICS of New Chanel: DS Flap!!!

  1. Ok in a hurry...(what's new!) I finally received this bag Saturday...Wasn't sure at first but think she's a keeper...I'm going to have to get a smaller wallet to go with this...I'm having trouble locating one that matches this bag...any help would be appreciated...let me know what you think...FYI: These pics aren't the greatest but you'll get the idea...:yes:
    chanel diamond stitch 001 (2).jpg chanel diamond stitch 013 (2).jpg chanel diamond stitch 008 (2).jpg chanel diamond stitch 009 (2).jpg
  2. Gorgeous and terrific on you! I use my red epi wallet for all my bags! Congrats Emmy!
  3. EMMY! it looks great on u!
  4. What a pretty bag! Goes perfect with your pretty eyes!:yes:
  5. it looks great on you!! i have def been eyeing the ds flap in white. makes me want to run to the store and try it out again. :p anyway, congrats!!!! :smile:
  6. It looks great on you Emmy!
  7. it looks great on u!!!!!congratz!
  8. so cute!!!!!looks fab!
  9. Emmy, it looks gorgeous on you! I KNEW you would love this bag! :yes: Congrats, you wear it well!
  10. Great bag! It looks fantastic on you! Enjoy!
  11. It looks so fabulous on you! :smile: The LV ludlow in pomme d'amour would be pretty with black, I bought a framboise for smaller bags myself. Of course, I love Chanel more haha, so any small Chanel wallet would be great too!

  12. Very cute and look great on you!

    Is that a Chanel eyeglasses that you're wearing? :rolleyes: Very nice too!
  13. love the bag- looks good on you.
    shes a keeper
  14. Verrrry hot bag!!! It really suits you!


    I use a card holder instead of a wallet with smaller bags--my large wallet holds so much stuff I don't need most of the time, anyway.

    Are those Chanel glasses? (They look like mine!)
  15. Looks great! Bottega Veneta makes this great zippered credit card/coin purse. You should take a look!