FINALLY ... pics of my X'mas presents (27 pics) HUBBY did gooood!!!

  1. Over the weekend I had to clean my closet to make room for these babies, so I figured I might as well take pics and share them with my fellow tPFer's whom I know LVoes LV (and other designers) as much as I do. Sorry it's like 2 weeks late, just been too busy.

    Hubby:heart: did really good ... I'm so happy!!!!:yahoo:
    xmas07-01.jpg xmas07-02.jpg xmas07-03.jpg
  2. Oh oh undress the boxes!!
  3. omg bunch of goodies! i wanna seeee!
  4. Oooh lots of lovely brown boxes :nuts: open open!!
  5. ooh my.. I cant wait to see what inside the boxes...

    you are sooooo luckyy
  6. OMG - what a lot of boxes.
    Can't wait to see...
  7. Sorry, stinkin' internet is sooo slow, but here's some ....:yahoo:
    xmas07-04.jpg xmas07-05.jpg xmas07-07.jpg xmas07-08.jpg xmas07-09.jpg
  8. GEEZE! I love ALL of it, That Eugenie wallet is so PERFECT!
  9. Wow! you are stocked up for some time!! Sooo Lucky! Congratz and enjoy!
  10. Some pochettes in Damier Azur, Ebene, T&B Mono and MC Noir MM.
    Wallets in Mono Eugenie and White MC Alexandra.
    And the T&B cles.
    The Mono badge ~ not too crazy about and returning it and exchanging for something else.
    xmas07-10.jpg xmas07-11.jpg xmas07-12.jpg xmas07-13.jpg xmas07-14.jpg
  11. Oh my gosh! I love everything! So many cute accessories and that speedy is TDF! Your DH is so sweet to have gotten you all of those goodies. Enjoy :yahoo:.
  12. OMG!!
    congrats. I see there is one dustbag closed ^^
  13. DAMM Girl you were obviously I very good girl last year!

    I love the MC pochete/cles thing I've only ever seen it in white but I think the black may actually be hotter
  14. Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene that I didn't think I'd like, but I really looove it!
    Mono Zippy Coin Purse.
    Fleurs Key Ring.
    xmas07-06.jpg xmas07-15.jpg xmas07-16.jpg
  15. Congrats!love the azur and ebene!