Finally pics of my Tanos!

  1. I finally took pics of my pretty Jet Setters! Right now I have one in dark brown and one in Melon (Thanks Joelle!) I have a green on on the way yee! Hope these aren't too big. >_> lol I'm having a hard time with the melon, I'm not use to carrying a light color bag. So easy to get dirty!;)
    tano1.jpg tano2.jpg tano3.jpg
  2. Pretty bags! I'm thinking of getting a Tano but not sure which one I want. They look great! Thanks for the pics!
  3. Tano has come a long way. Very nice.
  4. Those bags are GORGEOUS!!!!!!:love: I shouldn't have even looked! You're making me want to buy one but I cannot buy another thing! LOL
  5. Ooh those are very cute. I love the melon - it's such an eye catcher! My friend has that bag in the dark brown crunch leather and every time I've been with her when she's worn it, she's gotten tons of compliments.
  6. Aww thanks girls! I can't wait to get my green and I've got a red one coming at the end of the month. Dunno if I like the brass metals on the fall bags, the silver is so popping!
  7. Lovely bags...tano really has made a comeback!
  8. Glad to see your pics. The melon is so striking (wow!) and looks great on you. I like that color with the silvertone hardware. The brown looks nice, too -- the leather looks soft. It's really nice to see the bags carried. Thanks for sharing with us and be sure to post pics of your green one. Did you order the Green in the tag leather?
  9. I think they're great looking bags. Are they squishy like the Kooba's? I haven't seen them IRL but they look great.

  10. I adore the melon!
  11. Love the bags ... they look beautiful on you! The leather looks absolutely buttery! Can't wait to see pics of the red one ... congrats on your Tanos!
  12. Congrats, great-looking bags!
  13. They look great on you--just the right size. And the colors really sizzle. Nice job!
  14. Okay, SERIOUSLY..??? I'm IN LOVE!!!!!!!! :love: After seeing your pics, I want a Tano bag sooooooo much!!!! :heart: How much do they retail for (if I'm not being too indiscrete!) ? :shame: