Finally pics of my Stratus PM

  1. I bought this a month ago. Finally have the chance to post the pics up tonight. At first, I wasn't that thrilled with the cloud bags but Bf persuaded me to get it anyway. I'm beginning to fall in love with it.:heart:

    Hope you guys are not bored looking at it by now. hehe
    DSC03057.JPG DSC03059.JPG samplelv.JPG
  2. pretty! i'm glad you're starting to love it!
  3. nice!
  4. it looks great on you! congrats!
  5. one of my favorites! congrats
  6. You look great with it! Congrats!
  7. LOVE IT! Congrats!
  8. She is so beautiful.

    Looks great on ya too.

  9. Congrats. It looks great on you. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  10. Congrats, it looks great. I just got mine (my second) today. I originally bought mine about a month ago but wasn't sure about it so I sent it back cuz I didn't want to miss out on the 14 day return period. But I missed it so much that I bought it again...this time on eLux, so I saved $170+ on tax. :yahoo:
  11. ooooooohhhh pretty!!! What I love about this bag is that it's so different from the 'traditional' LV!! It looks great on you! :nuts::tup:
  12. Lovely.. u dun see it often, so its definitely a keeper!!
  13. it looks great on you and I really love this bag. congrats
  14. That bag looks sooooo buttery soft. Congrats!
  15. So cute!