Finally... pics of my SS GH work!!!

  1. I received it a couple of weeks ago but been so slack to take modelling pics... and still havent taken them! but heres a couple of indoor ones... weather been soooo bad lately here that I cant take any outdoors...

    I was actually out the day it arrived and when I got home my darling BF had a cheeky smile on his face! he said he'll show me something that'll make me "VERY HAPPY" after we get back from dinner... I was soooooooo curious! then I clicked!!! my SS GH work!!! can you believe he HID IT UNDER THE BED???!!! it was the first place I looked... I know him too well!!!

    anyways, will post modelling pics later on when weathers better...

    a BIG THANKS to: Cracker, Nanaz, Karenab, ICB, Spiralsnowman, Fayden and all of you who contibuted to my 5'2" work thread! you've all enabled me with your words and pics :wlae:!

    PFers rock! :yahoo:

    I declare that I :heart::heart::heart: the work!!!
    DSC01166.JPG DSC01167.JPG DSC01168.JPG
  2. WOW, it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Congrats!! Sandstone is such a pretty color.
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Ali,

    It is gorgeous girl! I'm know I'm an enabler, but after seeing your beautiful pics, I don't regret enabling you one bit! :p:p:p So glad to hear that you love it! Can't wait to see your modeling pics, I'm sure they are stunning.

  6. Yayy congrats Ali.:yahoo: Isn't it gorgeous. :tup:I am so happy that you finally got one. :woohoo:I love mine.:wlae:
  7. Aha!!! So you got one finally!! heh heh.

    Pretty cute isn't it? I ADORE mine sooooo much and I still have yet to see someone in NYC carrying one too (which makes it feel that more special).
  8. ali - thanks for enabling me over to the Work side too! LOVE THAT BAG! I want Sandstone GH too! Where did u get it?
  9. congrats! glad it worked out for you--haha, no pun intended! yay! it's a beauty.
  10. I love sandstone and I am really starting to love the work, so you have a PERFECT bag! congrats!
  11. congrats! i really love the SS with GH. your bag is such a beauty!
  12. she's a beauty "C" ALI !!! Can't wait to see you modeling her!!
  13. congrats ali! that's one of my fav GH combos!:tup: it's a beauty! :heart:
  14. Now I know why everyone loves sandstone... I love love my ss part time. :smile:
  15. I got mine from a seller on eBay... not sure if I'm allowed to mention names... but alot of PFers know who she is... I'll PM you...

    the work is amazing! esp this combo! you should definitely get one if you manage to get your hands on one!