Finally pics of my padded envelope flap with scratched hardware

  1. I finally have pics of the padded envelope flap that I scored at Saks during the Christmas sale. The hardware is scratched, which is actually noticeable from afar in-person. I'm not sure if I should bring it back to have them fix it or what. Although it was on sale, it wasn't on sale because it was damaged... just a seasonal style. I still paid enough to want it to be perfect. Let me know what you would do.
    IMG_9582resize.jpg IMG_9588resize.jpg IMG_9589resize.jpg
  2. Had to resize these...
    IMG_9590resize.jpg IMG_9593resize.jpg IMG_9587resize.jpg
  3. have you try to bring to boutique? As you mention, it's on sale b/c style not damage, so I think they should send in for repair!
  4. If it bothers really bothers you and you are willing to part with it for several months to be fixed I would do it. But, since it's probably going to get scratched anyway with use, if it were me I would just start using it and enjoy it's beauty!
  5. So sorry about the scratches. I would prefer it to be perfect too.
    If it truly bothers you, then see if you can it fixed. If you feel you can live with it, then use it for a least you get to enjoy it first.
  6. its cute!!the scratches dont bother me...but return it if it bugs u
  7. I love it! The scratches don't see that bad to me....
  8. I have the envelope flap and love it, mine doesn't have scratches and I carry it quite regularly because if holds so much.

    Did you try to buff out the scratches??? might work, let us know.
  9. If it bothers you, then bring it back and see what they can do. *hugs*
  10. sorry about the scratches, what did you decide to do?
  11. Sorry to hear abt the imperfections of the bag....however, if the scratch is not that serious but slight, i'm not so bothered.

    If it does to you, then u shld return it to them and see if they can find a better one for you.