finally pics of my Original Chanel Coco Cabas!!!!

  1. i absolutely love this bag! :love: i really don't think the original size is all that big, but then again i'm a BIG BAG girl... and i'm pretty desensitized to gigantic bags. i filled it up, threw it on my shoulders, and forgot about it. uh... maybe not... but it really is so comfortable and easy to wear.

    i took pics of the medallion in the front and in the back of the bag. which way looks better? the chanel medallion in the front so it's seen as you're coming or in the back so it's seen as your leaving.:rolleyes: :lol: hey, these are tough decisions, i can only ask PFers!:blush:
    cococabas1.jpg cococabas2.jpg cococabas3.jpg cococabas4.jpg cococabas5.jpg
  2. Congrats!!!! It looks great on you!:yahoo:
  3. wintotty, thanks so much!
  4. It's fabulous on you. I was never quite sure about these but that looks lovely. Enjoy!
  5. Beautiful!! I have one to.

    I like the medalion in the back. If you put it in the front, you may accidently cover it with your arm and no one will see it.:smile:

  6. looney and luv, thanks.
    luv, you've got a point there... definitely don't want to cover it. that's the best part.;)
  7. How tall are you? I think it looks great on you.
  8. tura, thanks. i'm 5'5''.
  9. ITA, it looks great on you!!! Congratulations!:yes:
  10. bella, thanks.

    also, i wanted to say if the large double CC bothers anyone, it's only on one side. so, you can wear without the logo being displayed.
  11. I had this bag but returned it, too big for my frame but it looks marvelous on you. Congrats!
  12. janice, yes.... i remember your thread. did you put your name down for the baby cabas?
  13. I love this bag, it looks wonderful on you.
  14. congrats on your new bag, esile!:yahoo: you wear it well!:heart: as for medallion, as long as its not tucked in, let it do its thing.:supacool: i wouldnt worry about back or front. sometimes front, sometimes back, just dont tuck it in. i am having sucha dilemma with caba myself. i have purchased extra large vinyl, and returned it bc it is reaaaaaaaaaaly big but i still loved size, just practicality. i could put my bal WEs inside completely.. i had large vinyl and returned it bc it squeeked like crazy... :confused1: then, i had the one you got, and since the only bal WE i dont own is black( and you know i will end up with on,:love: even tho the leather on my black work is the BEST of any of my bags! ) i returned black leather cabas. now, i might get baby cabas in white. it is not that small and that is from a WE junky.... oh, i also had the large purple oversize satin cabas , but was afraid of wear and tear on satin..... do you think i am confused??? i feel naked without my WE, but i am trying to branch out if cabas?
  15. It's beautiful. It looks great on you.