Finally!! Pics of my new treats!! :)

  1. I know these pics have been way overdue and many of you have asked for pics of the Pewter... I've been so busy with work these past few weeks I just never had the chance to take pics. Soooo, on this gray Montreal day the light is not perfect but who knows when I'll have spare time again so these will have to do ;)

    I gladly present to you my new Pewter First and Black Zip Hobo!! :party:

    The zip is not in as good shape as it was advertised but that seems to be my lot in life lately... regardless - I'm still in love with it! I adore the way it wraps around my body like a glove. I was a little worried about theft at first because there is no closure up top, but it molds to your body in such a way there is no possibility of someone getting their dirty little fingers in there without you feeling it.

    The Pewter is in excellent - excellent shape! Only thing is one of the tassles is split but I have a spare anyway so it's all good! I also found a cute little Coach star charm made of metallic leather that truly looks like it came with the bag. I have yet to use this one but as soon as it stops raining and/or snowing I'm taking her out for a stroll - I can't wait!!

    :yahoo: I love them both to itsy bitsy little pieces!! :yahoo:

    and this is my collection at present the moment:

    '02 Black Zip Hobo, Pewter + Ink First, Indigo + Black Boobie, Frog + Durer Rogue Pods.

    Now onto the next hunt :borg1: Red Theater First :borg1: ...
  2. LOVE them...CONGRATS!:yahoo: Super cute star charm. It matches perfect!
  3. :heart: your pewter, earth.keeper! And your entire collection!
  4. Doesn't it? I L:heart:VE it!! Here's a close-up in better light:

    Obviously I removed the key ring and replaced with a triangular mini ring.
  5. the pewter is AWESOME!
  6. great collection :yes:
    congrats on the new bags :wlae:
  7. Lovely collection! Your pewter is TDF!! Thanks for posting pics!!:love:
  8. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    That is a HOT collection! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful!!!! I especially love your pewter First.........great find!
  10. Brilliant collection, earth! I love your bags, boobies and pods... :love:
  11. Love all your goodies!!!
  12. very nice!
  13. Love your Pewter.:drool:
  14. The pewter is TDF!! I am starting to really really want another bbag!!!
  15. Beautiful collection! Let me know if your selling that pewter first!