finally! pics of my new plum stam for $455!!!! woohoo

  1. i finally was able to get my plum stam i bought that came down to $455 from Nordstrom!!! luv it, luv it, luv it! she's so pretty IRL and my new fave purse. it must've been a return because there were no tags on it except the Nordstrom one in the pocket. no MJ authenticity card or anything. that kind of bugged me. i'm keeping it bc i luv it and don't anticipate selling it ever, but.... what do yall think? i don't really want to go through more trouble and i'm so happy!! :yahoo:

    pics of her and her fam :smile:


  2. Wow she's a beauty! I love that color. How on earth did you snag a stam for $455? Congrats!
  3. ^ i would like to know also! *drools*
    But FAAAAABULOUS find! Plum is a gorgeous color... big congrats!!! :biggrin:
  4. Congrats, gorgeous colour, what a steal! :smile:
  5. a bag this beautiful and for a price that amazing, i wouldn't be phased by the absence of tags. congrats!
  6. Beautiful! I would not worry about the tag being absent. It is obviously authentic....great bag.
  7. omg im so jealous! i wish i could find deals like that. sooooo gorgeous.
  8. Congrats, what a great deal! I :heart: the plum color, so deep and rich:tup:.
  9. I love that plum color - I've said it before - I think the jewel tones he did last fall were some of his best colors. You just can't go wrong with any of them.

    Congrats again - so glad you finally got her!! Definitely a keeper!!
    (tags - who needs tags when you plan on keeping/wearing!)
  10. Wow, it is so gorgeous! Now I'm really looking forward to receiving mine! (Not that I wasn't already...)
    Congratulations on your fabulous new Stam! :flowers:
  11. good deal on the plum stam! love your family photo too!
  12. Congratulations on such a deal!!!
    It's TDF!:love:
  13. Beautiful bag at a great price--congrats!!! I love the color too!
  14. beautiful! Absolutely LOVE that color!!!
  15. Gorgeous!!! The color is so rich!